Egress Basement Windows
are safe and add value to your home.

By law, windows in any room that can be used as a bedroom must meet a minimum opening size so that they can be used as an exit in case of emergency. These are called egress windows. Adding an egress window to any regularly used areas in your basement will drastically increase your chances of safe escape in case of fire, and allow additional points of entry for emergency personal. Egress windows will also greatly increase your property value and help to reduce monthly utility bills.

New or enlarged basement windows also allow as much as 40% more natural light and air flow in rooms, creating a healthier environment throughout your home by helping to regulate temperature and moisture levels, and reducing impurities like mold spores, dust mites and pet dander.

The team at George’s Windows and doors help area residents protect their families with the addition of basement egress windows and offer over 60 years of combined egress window installation experience. We will prepare you home and widen openings for the fitting and installation of your new windows. Let us give you both peace of mind as well as a healthier home.

We have chosen Vinylguard Window & Door Systems, an industry leader in energy efficient windows and doors as our major supplier. Vinylguard offers a fantastic lifetime warranty and does not compromise on their commitment to supply Canadian homeowners with the finest made, innovative and cost effective products in the business. When you’re looking to enhance your home in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge you can trust the team at George’s Windows and Doors to deliver. Contact us today!


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