Iconic, Stately, Timeless,
or Classic New Windows

Elevate or complement your home’s look with custom new windows. Bring clarity to your design concept with the right selection from an array of colours and styles. 

Installation of custom shaped windows takes skill, experience, and a partnership with quality manufacturers. Choose to work with a company with more than 60 years of combined construction experience.  At George’s Windows & Doors, we deliver quality service and creative solutions for you. 

If it’s an iconic, stately, timeless, or classic look you’re after, connect with us to view our showroom or get a quote on any custom installation. Because every little detail makes a big difference. 

See life your way.

Window Styles to Enrich Your Home

Custom Window Design Options - See Life Your Way

Wood, Vinyl, or Aluminum – It’s Your Choice

Compliment the look of your home with windows made from a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Premium Vinyl
  • Top quality, attractive pine
  • Top quality, attractive pine with exterior aluminum cladding
  • Aluminum

Contact George’s Windows & Doors for help with selection of the appropriate material for your home.

Choose a colour that best suits the exterior of your home


 warm_white_colour_chip  . . . mocha_colour_chip. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wood Stain

forest_green_stain_colour_chip. blue_stain_colour_chip. cranberry_stain_colour_chip. antique_beige_stain_colour_chip. mahogany_stain_colour_chip  hazelnut_stain_colour_chip. red_cedar_stain_colour_chip. dark_oak_stain_colour_chip. light_oak_stain_colour_chip. commercial_brown_stain_colour_chip. ivory_stain_colour_chip. sandlewood_stain_colour_chip. black_stain_colour_chip


Computer matched custom painted colours are also available.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors for help selecting a colour that compliments your home.

Express your unique style with decorative glass. Custom, hand crafted decorative glass is available in a wide variety of finishes and glass types. 

Protect your privacy while allowing natural light to filter in with frosted glass.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors to learn about decorative glass options.


Create a timeless look or make an iconic statement with decorative grills. Sealed between the panes of glass, they’re maintenance free. 

Available in many colours. Because every little detail makes a big difference.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors to learn about personalizing your home’s look with grills.

. . .

Internal mini-blinds offer a maintenance-free, dust-proof way to provide privacy.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors to learn about adding functionality to your windows with mini blinds.

Protect your home from outdoor elements and noise with high performing seals and Hardware.

Safety, security, durability, and performance are standard. Look for hardware that not only makes a big difference in the performance of your new windows but is also aesthetically beautiful.

Available in multiple colours & styles and covered under warranty.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors for help with selecting the right hardware for your purchase.

Canadian Manufacturers Understand The Canadian Climate

We provide windows made by Canadian manufacturers who understand our tense climate and your need to conserve energy. When partnering with a manufacturer, we look for:

Quality frame materials

We look for a wide selection of materials that provide insulation and reduce heat transfer.

Multiple panes

Two or three panes of glass with a gas-filled space in the middle provides insulation helping to regulate warm air inside during the winter and hot air during the summer months. This also helps with sound insulation.

High performance coatings

We search for superior thermal performance coatings that help reflect ultraviolet light. This energy efficient glazing protects floors and furniture and helps with temperature regulation.

Gas fills

Some energy-efficient windows have argon, krypton, or other gases between the panes. These odourless, colourless, non-toxic gases insulate better than regular air.

Super Spacers

Spacers provide insulation on the edges of the glass pane, which helps improve energy efficiency.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors for help to lower your energy costs.

Providing you with quality workmanship paired with an industry-leading manufacturer warranty is our priority. We know you’re looking for comfort–both in your home and with your purchase.

Our in-house, Certified Window Wise Installers team is highly trained to provide quality workmanship. We don’t believe in sub-contracting our work so that we can best maintain our high level of standards in window and door installations. 

We look for partners with the same values. We search for manufacturers who provide industry leading warranties so we can provide you with the best possible experience with your window & door installations.

Contact George’s Windows & Doors to receive a free consultation.