Energy Efficiency

Canadian Window Manufacturers Build Energy Efficient Windows made for The Canadian Climate

Canadian manufacturers understand our tense climate and your need to conserve energy. When partnering with a manufacturer, we look for windows that have:

Quality frame materials

We look for a wide selection of materials that provide insulation and reduce heat transfer.

Multiple panes

Two or three panes of glass with a gas-filled space in the middle provides insulation helping to regulate warm air inside during the winter and hot air during the summer months. This also helps with sound insulation.

Gas fills

Some energy-efficient windows have argon, krypton, or other gases between the panes. These odourless, colourless, non-toxic gases reduce conduction heat loss, and have lower conductivity than air which also reduces heat transfer by approximately 30% and results in energy efficiency.

High performance coatings

We search for superior thermal performance coatings that help reflect ultraviolet light. This energy efficient glazing, called low E-glass, protects floors and furniture and helps with temperature regulation. LowE glass will not just save you money, it will help to maintain a uniform comfort level throughout your home all year long.

As of March 2007 the Ontario Building Code was changed to include LowE Glass & Argon Gas in all windows and sliding doors for New Home Construction



Spacers are installed at a specific distance. Spacers reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. We look for windows with a dual-seal system, which are effective for thermal performance and function well with custom shapes and sizes. 

This industry leading spacer system features:

  • Less-conductive spacer provides optimized energy savings
  • Enhances environmental comfort and health near windows
  • Fights condensation and mold like no other spacer
  • More durable spacer creates a more sustainable window