Custom Grills

Elevate the look of your home with Grills or Simulated Divider Lites

Window Grills

Window grills provide your windows with a decorative look. They are available in many different styles and configurations. The grills are permanently installed between the panes of glass, appearing on the inside of your window. They’re completely maintenance free and they set the look of your home apart from others.


Simulated Divider Lites

Another application of a similar look is the Simulated Divider Lites. This look provides a timeless elegance. SDL bars are permanently fixed to the outer panes of glass making your window appear as though it is made from smaller pieces of glass all put together. 

With either application, you can:

  • Add a custom look to your windows
  • Make tall windows appear wider
  • Compliment your look
  • Add curb appeal

Achieve sleek lines or timeless elegance with grills. The aesthetics are in the details.